Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



There is a third person who can exert some influence on some of the members of the couple. The position of the planets, points to the possibility of the appearance of a lover who gets into the relationship.

Although there is also the possibility that someone appears who, without feeling sexual attraction or have intentions to break the couple, may be interfering in the best course of the relationship. Be careful.

In any case, the comments and opinions of that third person have too much weight and relevance in the way of thinking of each one of you. Is this healthy? Absolutely not. Ask yourself why the person in question makes such malicious comments.

The astral advice for the single Scorpios is that they worry less about what other people say. You could have the perfect person in front of you and not realize it, due to unimportant external considerations.


The entry of Saturn into your zodiac wheel will cause you to save and avoid unnecessary expenses for the sake of your economy. In your company or in your home, there will be a union of forces for the same interest, a shared feeling of working for the common good.

But going all in the same direction, doesn't mean that everyone deserves the same retribution. Demand your part or that they pay you according to your work. At this time you may be receiving less money than you should.

Your good luck will depend on what you are willing to fight and point out aloud. A passive attitude is the least convenient at this time.



It will stop that progress you were making in health. Temptations and caprices will appear in your path, which you will hardly be able to resist...

The problem with giving in today is that you will be sealing your destiny. You have a very high probability of returning to the bad habits of the past.

It isn't the time to allow yourself whims. Maybe later, when you have fixed your healthy behaviors in your mind.