Full Scorpio Magic Horoscope for Tuesday, 1 May

Full Forecast for Today, Tuesday
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You will feel that you are reborn from your ashes. If you have been going through a difficult moment in your relationship, today you will know how to find the solution.

Are you a Scorpio in the breaking-up phase? Well, you might not heal your wounds at all, but today you will see the sun in the middle of the cloudy sky. The sun will rise from a sea of clouds for you. Someone who knows you well will give you reasons to smile again!

Continuing with the metaphor, you may approach a shower of water in the form of an argument with someone in your family, but you will know how to dance in the rain.

What does this mean? That with your interior serenity, you will illuminate and there will be no argument that will hold for a long time.

Today you will attract someone who will be very interesting to you. Candidate for a relationship, perhaps? It will be a strong and independent person who you will learn a lot from. Congratulations for those vibrations, Scorpio.


Today you won't do very well in the team work, Scorpio. Everything is going to be done in a terrible way, and the worst thing is that nobody is going to disagree about the way things are done...

Sometimes you can't do anything to avoid these circumstances. Opposing the boss could lead to dismissal, even if it's later proved that you were right!

But on the other hand, you don't agree with the attitude that if something goes wrong, it's everyone's fault. Not if you could have avoided it. Your conscience and elevated condition doesn't allow it, and you know it, Scorpio.

Provide information about what you don't like, in a subtle way... Do as if the idea came from the head of your boss, providing the data and guiding the thought.

You know that this is the foundation of good persuasion: implanting an idea in the minds of others, in a non-aggressive way.


You will have a greater self-awareness of yourself. How are you going to check this? You will realize that you eat more than you should, you exercise less than recommended and you sleep less than what is considered correct...

Start attacking one of the habits, and a week to master it, add the recovery of another habit. Don't pretend to cover everything at once.

Your well-being also improves when you improve your appearance. Transmit to others and yourself a positive image. Everything is good vibrations! It isn't the same to go around wearing rags, and you know it.