Full Scorpio Magic Horoscope for Wednesday, 11 April

Full Forecast for Today, Wednesday
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It's a day when you will be required to provide strong emotional support. You will receive a news that will leave you misplaced. Your task is to support it as it deserves.

You are wrong if you think you need to elaborate the most inspired words of encouragement. With your simple presence you will be doing a lot for the person you love.

Listen carefully to everything they have to say. Allow them to vent their interior. The inner purification is found in taking all the emotional weight out.

If you don't have a partner, a close friend will need you to help them withstand a bad time. It is your task to be present, as far as possible.


You will receive very good news if you are an unemployed Scorpio. Someone can make you an offer, probably someone from your surroundings. They have thought of you as the most suitable person!

You are going to like the environment in this job, harmony will be the general tone. You'll get on well with co-workers and you'll have a salary that will allow you to live in comfort. You can't ask for much more!

Favor even more your good luck by putting your titles in order. You accumulate them but then you don't get enough from them. Let them know everything you are capable of, even if at first you doubt whether a certificate could be of interest for them...

Scorpios with a job will have the possibility of promotion if they get to the appropriate merits. Your boss will be interested in promoting the people who are worth, without favoritism. Take advantage of this moment!


You are a person who has been searching for the truth for a long time. Delving into your past to find explanations for what happens to you in the present is something that most people are afraid of...

Perhaps you have been able to go to a psychologist or go to a person who supposedly knows more than you about these issues. You have discovered truths that you would rather never have discovered...

That's why people take you as emotional support, because they know you know better than most people do.

Today, the priority will be to look after the psychological health of other people. By doing this you will also be healing yourself.