Horoscope for Those Born Under the Scorpio Sign for Friday 20th April by Magic Horoscope

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There isn't and won't be an ideal man or woman. Look for the ideal man or woman for you. Although perhaps you already have it by your side and you haven't even noticed.

Social canons refer to external aspects. Is it really going to be a pretty face or slender legs that bring you true happiness? The interior is what makes you fall in love, don't forget it, Scorpio.

Not even intelligence, or that unstoppable charisma in the other... All these things we can get from friends. The ideal person for you is the one that makes you feel wanted, no matter what else.


Beware of that total absence of modesty, Scorpio! We already know that the best one is you, according to you, but your colleagues may not see it in the same way.

But don't go to the opposite extreme: the false modesty. You can notice it a lot and forcibly devaluing the opinions of others is wrong. Thank the compliments in a simple way.

In other words, focus on doing your job in the best way you can. It's what you're paid for and what you've come for. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Have you?

Be smarter than them, Scorpio, and mind they don't see you coming... That's why you like to stay in the shade, although sometimes you can't help wanting a little attention.


It's urgent that you get rid of everything that hurts you. The stars predict great complications for the future, to continue persisting in unhealthy behaviors.

You are prone to sexually transmitted diseases; all Scorpios carry that strange star.

Please, have a cold head when it comes to maintaining intimate relationships, any precaution won't be enough.

Likewise, it's already time for a routine checkup. You already know that some diseases of this type can develop in the shade. If you go to the doctor, you have nothing to fear.