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Horoscope for Those Born Under the Scorpio Sign for Monday 9th July by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Monday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



Ambitioning great loves, those from films where misfortunes are mixed with moments of passion, is the best way to make you feel it's not enough and generate dissatisfaction.

Coinciding with someone in the mental, emotional and sexual plane is pure magic. It's what you should look at and what will allow you to have a quiet life with a partner.

Organizing simple evenings will allow you to make your "inquiries". If they agree on these aspects, before someone who attracts you and if it's worth embarking on an adventure together.

The stars show you in a position to have a partner, and in the case that you already have it, take care of it, because it's the most suitable for you at this time. No problem, as long as you focus on the fundamentals.


Today, fortunately, you will find the necessary strength to fulfill your obligations in the most effective way and going to the essential points. Monday will go by very fast!

Everything is very easy if instead of overwhelming others, you focus on the problem and you do what you have to do.

And if you make mistakes, you can't do anything but repair them and not give up. Succumbing to guilt is an attitude that won't lead you anywhere.

Before getting to that, it's advisable that you take time to review what you have done.


Forgetting and not focusing on what caused you all that pain... Life has a lot to contribute! Use these tools to live fully.

You generate those feelings of restlessness when you insist on reviewing the past over and over again. Try turning the page and commit to doing your best in the future.

This change of mentality will bring you fewer headaches and to your surprise, you will also see for yourself how digestive problems decrease.

When you give peace to your mind and your heart, the body manages to purge itself of many of its ills.