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Horoscope for Those Born Under the Scorpio Sign for Thursday 10th May by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Thursday
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You want to go out there and enjoy yourself and your partner won't be up fot it, Scorpio. They may be older than you and that somehow weighs on the relationship.

In the past they did many things but now they're in a period of decay. They're going through personal transformations. This is temporary, so don't despair, Scorpio.

You, however, can't avoid living it as a crisis. As you tend to analyze everything, you magnify it, even the feelings. The people around you will reassure you. Everything indicates that you two love each other...

Try to get a couple of days off. Take the initiative, Scorpio. And so you will shine with happiness. Propitiate the situation and you will be able to love themselves like never before.


Everything is going smoothly but you're opposed by a woman. In your work, a rival. What is clear is that it's someone with some authority over you.

You have fought hard to be where you are. Great care if maintaining a relationship with people in the company, beyond the strictly professional. Someone is waiting to see you fall. And the problems are probably coming.

You have the energy to get out of the way. Your brightness can intimidate others. Channel your power towards what you do, and don't let it show so much. It's time to be discreet.

If you have a job interview, be very careful with women, you will have to impress them and work harder than with male interviewers.


You're going through a disease that came very suddenly, or certainly, in the next few days, you will have it. It's going to last a long time, so be patient from now on.

You will have to choose what to do based on this disease, which will condition you to some extent. Maybe you have to buy sunglasses, an anti-asthma spray... It will be a disease that will change your habits.

Take care of your tension. Your heart is delicate at this time. The control of the feeding will be fundamental. Physical exercise promotes circulation and cleanses the blood. Poor nutrition may have thickened your consistency.