Scorpio daily horoscope
Scorpio daily horoscope |


Nobody knows your partner’s body like you do. With that little touch or caress in that particular part of their body you can make them shudder like never before and that is because you share a lot of trust and complicity between each other.

You can tell you’ve been married or living together for a long time now, it’s like you have become one single person. Something really unexpected or even accidental and it will end up leading to an intimate and passionate encounter, something you haven’t had for ages.


Today is a day of necessary reflection on your future. You are in a mess with everything that has to do with your professional career and having to make a decision in a matter of hours is not something that makes you feel calm.

A talk at length with someone close to you about the pros and cons of making or not that change will throw the issue into the light that it needs so that you can glimpse the path.

On the other hand, try to save some extra money for next week; there are many chances that you take a financial shock.


Your failures are nourished from your insecurities and all those elements that don’t let your life flow as it should. This is shown to you in the physical aspect when you can’t breathe easily, something you have experienced recently.

When you're wrong, nothing seems the same again, you lose confidence over yourself and it makes you stand on the edge of anxiety. Find the boost you lack in that close person, who knows you best and pay attention to all their advice.

It is possible that without knowing you have been ignoring all those compliments and positive comments you receive.