Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



If you have some free time, it's ideal for you to recreate the love that you feel for your partner. Don't take everything for granted.

That person that's with you most of the time, also wants to share your happiness, not just the struggles of the daily life.

A good option is to reconcile the time you spend today as a couple with your friends. The next day you meet in free time, you will spend time with your partner's friends.

You don't have to be like two peas in a pod your partner's friends and you, just make the effort to spend some time with them and enjoy that time. Your partner will thank you greatly.

If you do not have a partner it's your time to meet your friends, you could meet a friend of a friend who will end up being someone important in your life.


Soon an income of money is coming that you did not expect. Watch out! It could be money that will later be claimed. Sometimes these mistakes happen.

Or perhaps it's a mistake happily fallen into oblivion, in which case you will have to invite people...

The stars will be determined for you to grow financially, although it will only be small sums of money. You can easily verify this through a small manifestation; you will find lost money from in a pocket of some jacket or trousers.

In any case, wait for some fortune feeling lucky today, Scorpio. You are facing a truly promising beginning of the week.


You feel completely confused with your body sensations that you're having lately, a sensation similar to the one you have when something is going wrong...

Maybe your body is only asking to leave the city to receive pure quality air. Give it a renewal, the city isn't the natural habitat of any animal, not even for human beings.

Vitamin D is essential for many of the processes of the body and you can get some from the sun exposure, go for a walk in the sunlight and you will feel noticeably better.