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Scorpio Forecast for Wednesday 28th February by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Wednesday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



It seems that today you got up listening to the glow of the rocket; your inner energy is at boiling point!

Keep this feeling that you have from the minute you wake up throughout the day, you are deeply in love with life. Share that emotion with the people around you!

It can be tiresome to always be reminding people of the beauty of the bond that binds you. You could make them feel that in some way you live in the past.

Instead of that, you can honor the union with the ones around you through a sincere act, like offering to do something selfless for them, something they need and you can contribute to help. 

Today the stars have given you extra energy specifically for this purpose, for love.


Monotony has been reinstalled in what you are doing. Making an effort to adapt in some way to a situation that's at a standstill is not really an option.

The concessions that you will have to make will contribute very little or nothing, to break your situation of discomfort.

There is a great danger that, by going against your own ideas about what is right, you will be exposing yourself to being infected by the atmosphere that's at a standstill, which will further weaken your energies.

Scorpio, as a sign of water, you have to flow with your own internal current or otherwise, you die.

Your way of making money will continue to cause problems while you continue clinging stubbornly to things.



The proposals of doing some exercise, either because they come from friends or the information simply comes to you, shouldn't be ignored.

Put on your trainers and get ready to burn your internal fire! It won't be hard work and you'll feel that you are enjoying it like never before. 

The routines that you can't crack, as in your job, you can compensate in another aspect of your life, so you stop feeling that the days are all exactly the same.

If you understand this you can't feel discouraged, because there is always something specific that you can do to improve your well-being.