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Scorpio Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 16th March

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The stars point to you the possibility of meeting someone very interesting today. The interest won't be sexual at first. It can be a relationship that begins as a friendship, with possibilities to evolve over time.

If you already have a partner, this person won't be an impediment to your current relationship. They come with good intentions. In fact, you can form a good team at the time of going out the three of you to have fun for a while.

The truth is that you're happy to share your happiness. The more friends, the better! Your partner won't be jealous, you are so lucky...


The stars may be putting pressure on you but the reward at the end of the day won't wait. The benefits that you will get from all those extra hours are very tangible.

Working to get money is the right thing and the most appropriate, but also allow yourself from time to time to manifest your creativity for pure fun.

The opportunities to get money in this way are unusually increased today. Trust your talent.

The key is in the hard work, it persists until the end, you are extremely prepared for it! The scorpion energy makes you almost invincible before any challenge and today you will notice it more than usual.


If you feel that something isn't right with your private parts, go to the doctor urgently! Don't hide any of your symptoms, doctors are experts who are used to everything, you make their job easier by not omitting information.

Don't let shame prevent you from taking care of your health. In most of these consultations you can choose if you want a doctor who's a man or a doctor who's a woman to treat you. If you are from the same sex, you may feel less uncomfortable...

If you don't have any symptoms, don't be overconfident, a check-up on time can detect silent diseases related to the reproductive system. Scorpio tends to develop them more than the other signs of the zodiac.