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Scorpio Magic Horoscope for 26th February

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A strong argument, for a very silly reason, can take its toll. Watch your actions. Both verbal and physical ones.

Regretting is a little available option for actions on which there is no turning back. What good would it do?

Today you can lose many things, your partner could take quite drastic measures. Be careful!

The disagreements with your people will overwhelm you in the same way if you are single. It's obvious that the Martian energies are making a bad impact on you today. Take a deep breath and stick at it the best way you can...


Your fortune could be camouflaged in the shape of temptation. The planets are favorable for it. It might not be today or tomorrow, but the vibrations of today promise long-term money through this procedure.

Unexpected money can come in the form of a forgotten wallet in the middle of the pavement... And moral dilemmas become inevitable. Should you return it?

A vision of the stars is that there are no coincidences, only causalities.

Now, if you decide to keep that money that has "fallen from the sky", it's important for you to share part of your fortune with the people around you. People in your family, an NGO, a homeless person... As you prefer.


How long is it since you last checked your vision? It's known that Scorpios have better inner vision than physical, you'll probably need glasses.

The headaches could be related to this fact.

Not having glasses doesn't exempt you from skipping the visit to the ophthalmologist. The visual acuity is lost over the years and any type of rectification on time is preferable than ending up with bottle-lens glasses...