Scorpio daily horoscope
Scorpio daily horoscope |


The arrival of a third person in your life is the worst thing that could happen. It can’t be a coincidence that this person appears right now, when you’re going through a relationship crisis, because you feel you are stuck in a rut.

That person may have been interested in you for a long time now and they probably know you’re not at a good moment. Watch out, if you decide to get swept up in passion with that person, you could seriously ruin your marriage or even break it.


You’ve always had a job and you’ve never been afraid of losing it. It is actually you who decides to quit. When you are bored of doing something over and over again or of the conditions they offer you, you pick up your stuff and you go and find a better place.

Time goes by and it won’t always be that easy to find a new place to be. It’s actually this that you are experiencing just lately; it’s difficult for you to find a job and you ask yourself why.

The present situation is not good for anyone and having a job is something difficult nowadays. You will find a job, you just need to be patient and perseverant. Don’t give up hope.


Today you will attract all the people around you who need help. You’ll be needed by everyone and you will feel the day is not long enough to be able to fulfill all your responsibilities.

When you have to cheer someone up you are the best, you know perfectly what to say and when to say it. Although your honesty is devastating, people thank you for speaking frankly and for helping them see the truth of things. You’re like an emotional guru and that makes you feel good because you like being useful.