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Magic Horoscope Brings You the Latest Scorpio Prediction for this Coming Friday 25th May

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A resentful Scorpio is terrible... You're putting gunpowder and lighting the wick there as far as your poisoned sting reaches.

You spread negativity through your circle of common friends, regardless of the irreversible damage you commit against that person. To the same one you said you love "so much".

Issues in the private sphere don't have to transcend the public sphere. People can agree with your drama and say yes to everything, but because they want you to change the subject as soon as possible.

It will be those same people who won't be able to avoid thinking that you aren't trustworthy, if at the minimum you overflow emotionally and destroy everything in your path! No one wants to see themselves in that situation.

That person is not going to come back. The sooner you accept it, the better. You have taken an important step in your evolution as a human being. Go on with your life. Turn the page...


If you have a university degree that you have never taken advantage of, don't get frustrated, because everything happens for a reason. You had to study that to expand the mental framework with which to examine life.

Your studies help you more than you think. It's a matter of digging deep into the reasons why, as only a Scorpio is capable of doing. In this way you can make the next decision with more information about yourself.

The money giving classes or giving small talks and courses, is very propitious these days.

Private classes in your home in the field of knowledge that you have studied, isn't something that gets you out of poverty, but you would be taking some advantage of that degree you have.


Beware of that fever that you think is so harmless. That it lasts for a long time could be a symptom of something more serious.

It's very important that you don't get too cold or cover yourself too much, because you can make things worse.

The drinks with lemon relieve you of the oppression of the heat, they cool the thermal sensation, but the organism doesn't stop working. Scorpios don't tolerate high temperatures very well because they are heat-sensitive...