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Magic Horoscope Brings You the Latest Scorpio Prediction for this Coming Monday 26th March

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Death is never easy to assimilate and grief can last a lifetime... You may have said goodbye to a loved one who died or you may be in a period of breaking up with someone; the "death" of a relationship.

Given this perspective, there are no easy roads or solutions. It's necessary to accept reality, that the present will be full of that absence. Allow yourself to experience those negative emotions that invade you without trying to repress them.

Your relatives will offer you a shoulder to cry on. Count on them because it's too hard to move forward on your own.

Your world may have been turned upside down because that person was an active part of it. There will be new tasks that will require your attention from those who previously that person took care of. At first it will be hard, but dedicating yourself to these matters will make you win in self-acceptance and you will end up more reinforced than before.

And finally, relocate the deceased in a corner of your heart where it lets you continue living. It's your duty to be happy for the person who is no longer with you. Do you think they would like to see you sad?


It is a day of losses. Your house, your job or some money, a significant sum maybe. A bad investment, or that you have forgotten your wallet full of money, would also go in this same direction.

Sometimes the losses are related to releasing a burden that was bothering you without realizing it. That house is what tied you to dedicate yourself to travel, or it was a job that no longer filled you...

You will be happy after a short time being like this, although now you don't see prospects for the future.

They are things you learn from the stars to put a mark on our greed and to make us evolve trying new alternatives. Today's losses will be transformed into tomorrow's profits, with perspective and patience.


It's a day in which you return to establish your habits, despite having gone through a weekend full of excess.

Food is your constant battle, but please don't give up. Learn to eat healthy by going to a dietitian to plan a diet with which you can be completely satiated.

A part from this, you will have stable health. In the case that you are going through a disease, you will be able to recover, although it may take a little longer than normal.

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