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You've just discovered that your best friend's partner is being unfaithful. What should you do? Run to them and tell them or shut up?

First of all, you must make sure that this accusation is true. The gossip that has come to you is of no use to you... There are very malicious people who only want to destroy the happiness of others.

And if it's true, do you really want to get into that well-stocked garden? You think that many couples forgive each other, even though infidelity is discovered. And then what? You'd be the bad guy in the movie, Scorpio!

The best thing will be that you act on the basis of what you would like your friend to do if they were the one who knew that your partner has been unfaithful.


Don't mortgage your entire future because you decided to follow a person until the end of the world. If it's a stray bullet and if you're determined to use your savings to get by, don't trust that person.

It's good to share as a couple, but it depends on the nuances. If it's a unidirectional distribution, then definitely that person is not for you.

Also, it's not convenient for you to leave your city, now that you've got a job where you earn well. If love is good, you will meet again when you both think is the right moment...

Meanwhile, focus on thinking about your professional career. It's now that you are young that you should worry about this and almost nothing else!


You tend to keep secrets, and of course, keeping negative emotions inside is too great a burden that prevents you from living fully. People who express their emotions feel freer.

Living with anger or a desire for revenge can cause you to end up getting sick, not only psychologically, but mentally as well.