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Carelessness is paid dearly, Scorpio. Inattention is weighing on the heart of your partner. What can you do about it…?

Control your relationships. This is a solution that puts an end to many problems of the couple. This doesn't mean that you are obsessed with control.

It's putting your active will in the relationship. For example, try to schedule a systematic meeting to talk about the status of your relationship and see what can be improved.

Just as you meet to talk about the negative, you also need to remember what is positive about the relationship. Talk about what each one has valued about the other in the last days.

Then make a "feast of love" as a reward! (A word to the wise is enough…)


They will ask you for money but you should not give it under any circumstances. They know perfectly your fatherly facet and of course, then they try to abuse.

It will be a small scam because these people actually have enough resources to move forward.

Family and friends ask you for more money than usual. That's enough. You have enough with your own problems. Solving the problems of others goes against the development of their own tools.

Don't cultivate excessive dependence. Even if you had children, you should encourage them to earn their own money in short-time jobs during the weekends. You will be doing them a favor for tomorrow.


You will feel unusual headaches. You will even feel some sudden dizziness and without any reason.

Perhaps some changes in your habits are the cause, leading to hypertension. The planet Mars influences your cardiovascular health these days...

Go to your doctor for an adequate diagnosis through the medical tests that you request.

With the right medication and the changes in your lifestyle needed, you won't have major problems.