Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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That person isn't good for you. Someone who goes strutting around and who treats badly the waiters, can't be of good heart. Much less will be worthy of your trust.

At first, they dazzled you with their personality and their knowing how to behave. But before this, there are feelings, and unfortunately, they don't seem to have a good heart.

If you are tired of making mistakes over and over again, two things may be happening. 1) You look at the wrong characteristics and 2) You have to take into account how they relate to others. Especially with their mother...

You consider yourself a cultured person with concerns. Why would you be with someone who moves by the law of least effort and who isn't interested in anything?

Open your eyes and look for your true soulmate. There is no time to lose.


The stars bring you a warning about money and children. If you have small children, think about them every time you take your wallet out. Children are a source of economic burdens but also of well-being.

Children come first but if you give them what they don't need, they will never strive in life to achieve their goals or learn to value anything.

It is also the best way to raise a tyrant who thinks they deserve it all.

Once again, they should have the basic needs covered, but don't allow whims every time. This weakens their personality.


You take too much care of others, without watching for a second for you. And who covers your needs?

Love yourself, you also matter. Therefore, you must also be on that list of people to be attended to; maybe even at the head of it...

How are you going to take care of others in conditions if you're not OK? Set aside small moments for you.