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Magic Horoscope Brings You Your Scorpio Future from the Stars for this Coming Friday

Horoscope Forecast for Today, Friday 29th June
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



You consider yourself a very selective person, but without knowing how, someone will be able to go through all your defenses.

If you think about it, it's been too long since you've been without love. You can't help thinking that part of you has decided to settle for less than you think you deserve.

Or maybe you have finally understood that if you don't reduce your expectations of perfection, you will be left alone! And you don't get rid of your faults either. Always smaller than the rest of the signs, according to you, but there they are...

It's a delicate balance that you perfect little by little. The person who accompanies you must fulfill some characteristics but not all of them, point by point, because it's simply impossible.

Control that tendency to criticize with your friends because even though they love you a lot, the damage you do to them can end up separating them from your life.


Your acute critical sense makes you detect that the company where you are has no future. In fact, you may receive information about a bankruptcy soon.

You don't want to wait for the ship to sink to fight over a lifeboat. Instead, you will take the reins and start looking for a new job, Scorpio.

Prepare to fight, because you won't have the compensation easily. The bad management and probably debts of the company, will cause it to be declared insolvent.

In that case, go to the union and try to mobilize as many colleagues as possible.



You tend to forget about your feet and that they exist down there until you feel the pain of that bunion. The deviation of the big toe is due to the use of heels, or inappropriate shoes. Make it your goal to buy better shoes next time.

Besides, fungus come out easily if you don't control what surface is being stepped on. Gym showers are a breeding ground. The use of bath slippers will be more than obligatory in this case.