Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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Scorpio, you're going through a moment in which your life has changed and the person who accompanies you unfortunately doesn't fit into it anymore. You're thinking about breaking up, but like everyone else, it's hard for you to take that step.

There are ways and ways to end a relationship. The first and most important thing is not to make sudden movements. Put some distance between you little by little. Where before you had endless conversations, reduce the intensity.

It's good to be facilitating the disengagement, but you must also talk about your goals and your needs, you don't have to hide anything from anyone. That other person will realize by themselves that they can't be by your side as before.

All the breaks-ups are hard but they certainly help you grow. And also, the other person. Nobody deserves to be loved because of grief.


Don't allow yourself to be the one who pays the bills, because although love is very beautiful, you don't do any good to your economy and then there is resentment with that person and with yourself, which isn't healthy at all.

Also, don't be counting each coin. Once again, balance is essential. Money is tinged with love and vice versa.

If you're working and you see yourself in need, they will grant you an advance, in case you ask for it. They have seen what you are worth. It's better that you don't defraud them, for the sake of your continuity in the company.


Your physical health is good, although perhaps you insist on surrounding yourself with those people who are obsessed with their health. And of course, you think that at any moment, you could get sick.

If you start getting obsessed with your health, it will be when you will really fall ill! Hypochondria is contagious.

Be aware that the complaints of others and their level of constant alert to the minimum variation in their body, are not realistic.