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Magic Horoscope Brings You the Latest Scorpio Prediction for this Coming Tuesday 6th March

Read Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Tuesday
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The stars bring positive changes for you. There is a great passion now not only in the feelings but in everything you do, in the way they see life and in the future.

If you are alone, people who will change your life in a passionate and intense way will appear. There's agility in relationships, a lot of movement, permanent but satisfactory changes.

Mercury together with Venus give you a dynamism that you haven't felt for a while. You can quickly move from the temperate cold to a searing, hard-to-handle fire! Conflicts with your partner happen in a blink of an eye, but reconciliation comes very quickly, being enormously emotional and joyful for both of you...

Not having a partner will be a nice advantage for single Scorpios; passionate and very satisfying encounters of casual sex are very favorable.


There's a good omen throughout today if you have been having a bad financial situation; your circumstances will suddenly change for the better. It's an impulse that has been established throughout the week, due to the influences of Saturn and Mars.

Help your good fortune by doing everything you can, including joy and willingness. If you're entrusted with tasks that you didn't expect, carry them out with total enthusiasm and diligence, because the benefits, if they're not tangible now, they'll have a very positive impact on the future.

Today is a great day to ask for a raise, or receive a promotion, with the responsibilities that this implies.

If you don't have a job, it's not sure that you're going to find one, but the change of circumstance may indicate that someone will take care of your situation, being a great ally in your path.


Your will to live is boundless. Your welfare state is full. If you are going through a health problem, the stars show an extraordinary improvement and quick recovery.

It's the best time for intense physical activities. Any resistance to these forces will be useless and counterproductive. You will notice how a belligerent state of mind would take possession of you, you'd get irritated for anything.

Bring your excess of energy out also through mental activities, today you can try to solve this problem that is turning you upside down. You'll arrive at surprisingly simple, useful and satisfying conclusions.

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