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Scorpio Magic Horoscope for This Coming Tuesday, March 27th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Tuesday
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Friendship is a source of well-being at multiple levels. Friends give us psychological support, fill our need to socialize and can even be a very valuable economic support at some point.

However, there are friends who boast about being your friends and the only thing they do is criticize you and undermine your self-esteem with their hurtful comments.

It's good that people who care about us tell us the truth to the face, but if they are said in a clearly offensive way, it's psychological abuse and this should never be allowed.

It would be good for you to spend some time without seeing these people. You could even eradicate them from now on from your life if you see that they subtract more than they add in your life.

Your partner may be pleasing you but in order to manipulate you. If you realize that their kind gestures are always accompanied by a request, distrust; it's about pure interest and not about true love.


Probably from a very young age you have been required to measure up. The perfectionism of Scorpio is very much associated with this influence they have received since childhood.

You will feel real pressure to meet expectations at work lately. The problem is that as much as you want, this time the work exceeds you.

Or on the contrary, you don't currently have the great job of your life and you feel unhappy about it. Maybe you have some studies that you can't monetize.

Allow yourself to fail and take things as a game, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Give seriousness to life from now on and start enjoying more with what you do, you reach the objectives or not; you do or don't do important work...

Happiness isn't a pending task of tomorrow, for when you have a determined life. That will never happen. Be happy now with what you already have, being what you are!


You keep going to the fridge. Without even being hungry. At night. Do you know now which is the problem with your weight?

Try having a bit of will power. There are other ways of fighting stress, which is what makes you keep eating.

For example, "devouring" knowledge instead of food. Reading is a powerful distraction against the false hunger feeling!

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