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Scorpio Magic Horoscope for This Coming Wednesday, March 7th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Wednesday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



Your relationship is strong and emotional, with a beneficial mutual support, tolerance and understanding. There's patience and balance to resolve and direct things, "strength comes in numbers".

Otherwise, if love hasn't knocked on your door yet, this is a better time than the average to meet people. You are in a security phase for yourself, so don't be afraid of going out and mixing with others; You could be pleasantly surprised by the results you find.

Both for the Scorpios who have a partner and for those who are single, moments of intense romanticism and passionate encounters are yet to come...


Investments of all kinds are recommended as they will be beneficial. Also, the good fortune of chance will be with you, so you can get pleasant surprises in betting games; the planets have money for you that will come unexpectedly.

It's a positive cycle of money in general. While saving is always good and advisable, at this stage you may spend more. With your powerful intuition, you can feel that you're on a winning streak and that it's time to ask for everything you want.

If there are prospects and possibilities in the horizon of making investments or expenses of any kind, definitely today is the day for it. Profitable and secure investments, such as the acquisition of a property, a business or a new car, are totally propitious.


You're full of vitality and physical energy, your strengths are lifted in all senses. If you have to have an operation soon, this is the best moment to have it done because your strengths will make the recovery better and faster.

It's time to correct bad habits, if necessary, with the preventive purpose of protecting your health.

Start with small goals, such as a balanced diet or light ten-minute exercises, thus avoiding overwhelming yourself.