Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Friday 13th April

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You go from relationship to relationship, people sometimes sink into a swamp of false relationships. You're having a streak in which you don't recognize yourself. You characterize yourself as a passionate but above all, faithful sign.

If you know you're not comfortable with this situation, what are you playing at? The carnal gratification only lasts a few moments, but you're looking for something more...

Maybe you should stop. Purify your energy. It's not good to mix with people you barely know. In a way, they contaminate you with their fears and expectations. You're a person highly sensitive to not spoken emotions.

During the weekend try to spend time with that person you love, your family and friends, instead of looking for "strong emotions" in strangers.


In your finances, prudence is recommended. While there are times to risk, this won't be one of those days. A bad transit of Saturn doesn't favor your economy.

If you have to lend money, make sure that the person you lend it to is someone very close to you. Otherwise, it will be money that you will never see again. Investments, gambling and everything that involves risking money, avoid it!

The best thing you can do today is spend your money on good deeds. This cultivates the good karma that will positively impact when this bad planetary transit happens.

And finally, the astral recommendation is that in the case of looking for a job, the best strategy is discretion. Do everything you need without giving too much hype through social networks, the envy of others could be against you.


Beware of the expiration date of medications. You may be affected by the state of some of these products. Or it may not work for you because it's gone over the expiration date.

To prevent this from happening to you in the future, as soon as you finish a treatment, donate the drugs that you have left. By the time you get sick again, the expiration date will probably have passed!