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Your relationships become more open and balanced by virtue of the influence of the stars for the Scorpios.

If you are looking for love, you must first resolve your personal doubts, especially on an emotional level. If you don't balance this, it will be difficult to achieve it.

Don't look for a partner to complete you, a partner is something that adds to your already completed life. Happiness is first inside you. When you feel good with yourself, whatever you want and need, will come.

If certain people don't do you any good, then you must find a way to leave them behind. It's time for you to be relentless in these aspects.


You'll feel trapped in the situation of having to wait for a decision that has to be made by others, finding yourself in a dependence position.  

For example, you may be waiting to receive the job of someone who is waiting to leave, but it's not getting resolved easily...

Pushing the situation impatiently and trying to influence won't help. You must wait calmly. If you have done things correctly, everything will be fine for you.

In turn, you may have to give an explanation, they may call you to explain or justify something. Be calm and trust what you've done.

If you're looking for a job, you'll face two options that are difficult for you to decide. Evaluate everything, check other vacancies and see everything from the reason before making a final decision.


Physical pain is not one of your biggest problems, but mental pain. You feel you need to charge your batteries, even though sleeping is not enough for you. You devote to it more hours than usual, but you don't know what may be failing. You get up mentally fatigued.

Not because of sleeping more, resting will be better in quality. For a deep regeneration it's important to go to sleep feeling extremely tired. You don't eat if you're not hungry, right? Well, the same thing happens with sleeping, you have to feel that you can't stay awake anymore to rest completely.

Include exercise in your routine, trying not to do strenuous physical activities after 6 o'clock in the afternoon.

Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to feel sleepy. Your body is still in a state of excitement caused by hormones, such as cortisol, which are still in the bloodstream.