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You are in an erratic, unstable and at the same time exciting relationship. Sexual attraction is very strong at times and then they feel they can't live without each other.

You have the typical symptoms of someone who has fallen in love. In the beginning of all relationships, emotion and joy are usual... For that reason, you should avoid making hasty decisions.

This hormone rush should not be confused with love, because love comes only with the deep knowledge of the other person, and the active exercise of will.

Although there is a desire to live together, the thing could really end in disaster if you let yourself be carried away by emotions, instead of developing stable feelings before.

The astrological advice is that you don't trust love at first sight and that you take things slowly, so you avoid regrets.


Today you'll have the opportunity to go to a job interview for a really interesting job position. Self-confidence will be very important for you today. There is no interview where insecurity and shyness get you very far.

Don't fall in the extreme of being excessively arrogant. You can see it coming when you brag about your achievements.

It will also be important to show relaxed body language, and look in the eyes of your interviewer.

If you follow these indications, the stars will help you get the position you really want.



Therapeutic hypnosis is indicated for severe cases of smoking. It consists in "reprogramming" your mind so as not to feel the urgency of nicotine. If you feel that there's nothing else you can do, you should try this technique. Scorpios are benefited with this type of psychological therapies.

If it isn't your case, you should also take care of your lungs health. Avoid being a passive smoker as much as possible.