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Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction for April

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Love: it's time to heal your wounds

The month is full of emotional ups and downs. During the first week of the month, your fluctuations in moods will hinder the relationships with your partner.

The fact is that you're not going through your best moment, but it will be in April when you'll become aware of all the broken parts of the relationship. It's your choice to solve a big part of the problems. You usually are the one who causes them...

If you don't have a partner, you try to move forward with your life, but it will be hard to heal the wounds left by a break-up. You will have to bring all these painful feelings to light if you want them to heal.

Also, it seems that a certain melancholy will be stalking you. Find shelter in your friends. They will be willing to give you all the emotional support you need.


Sometimes losing means gaining peace and tranquility. The stars will demand that you undo little by little that strong sense of duty that you have, Scorpio. Otherwise, you will lose health.

During this month you will learn to persevere only in what does your life well, not for the money, but for what it brings to you on a spiritual level. This gives you strength to get the best version of yourself!

Money matters will be wrapped in an unclear aura. Many people will want you to borrow your money, but they won't be able to return it, be very careful with this!

Scorpios without a job will have the possibility of dedicating themselves to somewhat "exotic" jobs, from the point of view of the people of your environment, but of those who will obtain good benefits and even fun.


You have to fight against excesses. Great part of your diseases of affections come from them, from the problems with the eating until those related to your reproductive system...

You'll make the mistake of not listening to the medical authority. It's true that your capacity for self-regeneration is great, but that doesn't give you credit at any time to put your health in such risk, Scorpio. Finish all the treatments!

Learning docility and a calmer attitude towards life will greatly enhance your health, and it will be what takes you out of the disease states that may arise.


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