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Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction for March

Here is your Horoscope for March 2018
Scorpio Monthly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Scorpio in love: looking for stability

This month will be stable in the aspect of love, generally speaking. If there is any instability, it won't last long and people who want to see you stagger creating dramas around you, won't achieve their aim.

It's inevitable that you attract toxic people, your high magnetism is an inexhaustible source of energy to absorb from... But luckily as the month unfolds, you will perfect your ability to remove these harmful people from your path.

You will be just as happy being with someone than being on your own, because you will understand that not everything in life is summarized in letting your amazing emotional capacity out.

However, despite the internal balance, expect events out of your control that will not leave you indifferent.


Your analytical capacity will be enhanced so you will identify new sources of income that will report the economic benefit.

At work, you will start projects that will generally go well. Don't pull back from setbacks. Your success will depend on whether you work hard or not and how much you believe in your goals and in yourself.

If you are a Scorpio without a job, be very careful. Towards the end of the month they will offer you a job that isn't as wonderful as it seems to be.

The cost and the implications of taking a false step in this regard will be high. It is preferable for you to be suspicious during this month than to accept everything they say or offer first.


You manage to stay stable in your health habits, although relapses will be inevitable. Don't worry because they will be small setbacks.

Some emotions that you won't be letting out can temporarily lodge in some parts of your body.

In this aspect, you should watch your diet because your stomach will be a sensitive point.

Pay attention to your sexual energy, imbalances could cause diseases related to the reproductive system. You're a Scorpio so it's a tendency that you will always have to watch.