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Is it possible to love and hate a person at the same time? A few days you feel that they are the love of your life and the next moment they have some behaviors that take you out of control.

Today your partner will earn many points doing something for you but the next minute they will lose them. What a pity! It's impossible for you to consider their attitude in perspective...

The astral advice for you is simple, although difficult to assimilate: Accept the contradictions. Not everything is white or black. If you hope to find a person who always does everything you like, you are being unrealistic.

Live the two sides of the coin. Today's task will be not to close your eyes to the imperfections of your partner, and despite everything, to love them as they are but being a springboard to improve each day as a person.

You can do this with a friend who will be eternally grateful for it, in case you don't have an affectionate relationship.


Your job is going really well; the only bad thing is that you have detected an irregular situation in your company that could affect you.

For the moment don't take any action on the matter, but don't neglect this information either. When you see the waters become dangerous, act without delay.

This can be leaving the job without thinking about it or not supporting in any case that irregular activity if they ask you to lie for it.

It's not worth giving your hand to someone who won't thank you for it, apart from that it will be a situation from which you won't benefit.

As for your economy, it will remain stable. In the case that you decide to leave your job, you will find another one immediately. Scorpios without a job will find one today, as long as they don't lie for it; they will be discovered.


It is likely that if you suffer from stress you'll feel more desire to have a moment of intimacy with your partner. It's a pleasant way to get dopamine, one of the hormones of happiness.

But beware! It's a day of extreme fertility for the ones born under the sign of Scorpio. The moon is almost full...

If you don't want to be a father or mother, pay attention to the necessary precautions when going to bed with that other person.