Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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You will face powerful emotions in your relationships. With your current partner old issues, you always fight about may arise. Each relationship has one that stands out: jealousy, the economy, in-laws...

Today you will have the possibility to solve this issue once and for all. Or at least, you will mitigate its impact on the relationship. As a result, the bond between you will be strengthened.

On the other hand, if the problem is deeply rooted, what is brought to the surface will bring fatal consequences.

You must act accepting the truth of the other, because if you resist to see reality, suffering will be inevitable.

When Scorpio is single they tend to release their negativity on their friends from time to time. Try to use this energy for other, more productive purposes.


You have dedicated many hours to a project and now it's time for the final push. Don't even think about going back after everything you've been through... Fight for your goals.

Scorpio is a sign of a marathon soul. What does this mean? That you are capable of the greatest efforts when you see the goal in the distance. Great!

When the end is near it's normal that you feel all the fatigue, but it isn't time to recapitulate yet; concentrate as much as you can.

To promote success, disconnect from all distractions. Disappear until you get what you propose if they don't leave you alone. The reward will be worth it.



It's time to de-stress with a little music. Scorpio tends to accumulate negative energy. As physical ailment this can be affecting your neck, but it's nothing serious.

Music for you is a language that expresses everything you can't translate into conventional words.

If you play an instrument, dedicating some of your time to it will be especially therapeutic. And if you accompany this with friends, double fun!