Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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You'll have a strong crush, Scorpio. This person will appear at night: you may meet them at a party or at a social evening event.

Being together, will bring out the worst of you two. The vices and the "dangerous" behaviors will appear while you are together.

It's definitely not a good idea for you two to mix your energies. You also run a high risk of catching diseases.

In fact, fate will prevent this union by introducing a third party in the love equation.

But don't be sad, other opportunities will come soon. You have the resources to attract the attention of more people, just as attractive and certainly much more productive in your life.



You go through economic turbulences, Scorpio. You would improve your situation very much as long as you take some measures.

First of all, you aren't using your creativity to look for alternatives and solutions. You stay anchored in the negative, instead of taking advantage of this "crisis" to tip the balance in your favor.

You should also take the time and train. Preferably, resume the studies you started so long ago, it's the best option. It will provide you with a mental framework through which you will acquire skills and confidence.

And finally, don't be afraid of the outside, it's a convulsive period from which you will emerge reinforced, with a lighter attitude towards life, which will undoubtedly bring you fortune.


You will successfully come out of operations or invasive surgical methods. You've finally taken that problem off of you. You have been suffering so much, Scorpio...

You will feel with a renewed vitality. People who love you will provide opportunities for you to finish healing. They will accompany you to rehabilitation and you will have all your emotional support.

Don't be afraid of the future, you will get ahead thanks to the help of professionals. Of course, follow all the indications, sometimes it's difficult for you to let yourself go, Scorpio.