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Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Scorpio Horoscope for Friday June 22nd

Health, Money and Love Prediction for Today, Friday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



Relax your Martian energy. Mars makes you too blunt. This will make you prone to hurt the feelings of people, even without wanting to.

Many times, others aren't right, but hey... Sometimes you have to give in for the common good. Don't wage an all-out war for the wrong reasons! Save your heavy artillery for when the occasion deserves it.

If you're single, you will attract this type of people with a softer vibration. Proceed with tact. These people see the world more as a comfortable home, rather than the battlefield that you think it is...

Caring for the weakest will be more necessary than ever. Take out your most tender side, not everyone can have your factory hardness. They learn with your contact to harden, but for good. It's a great exchange!


The depth of your instincts will lead you to obtain money easily thanks to the activities related to the care of the soul and spirit. You will find great inspiration in your work.

In the event that your work is related to a completely different area, this path will go through your head! Go for it, this is the signal you were waiting for. The stars show you what you already knew in the most intimate part of your being...

Lucky coincidences will appear throughout the day. A friend can give you access to a happy job or you can even earn money in games of chance. Don't discard anything, great things can happen today!


It is difficult to balance routine, the one that allows you to achieve a position in the world, with leading a life fully enjoyed. You forget to cultivate your inner child.

Don't let it die! Do something unexpected, let yourself go. If you really like museums, it's OK to go in and have a look. Temporary exhibitions, playing with your friends at board games...

Many times, health is related to repression. Give yourself healthy cravings. That's what happiness consists of, in living! Productivity is not the only important thing, Scorpio.

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