Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Scorpio Horoscope for Monday April 23rd

Health, Money and Love Prediction for Today, Monday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



They will look for you intensely to have something with you. Venus in conjunction with your Mars, it's as if you had won the love lottery.

The bad thing is that it's Monday, but it doesn't matter, take time from under the stones, if necessary. It will cause you great satisfaction that for once you don't have to insist to obtain what you really desire.

Pleasure and sensuality will be the norm today.

On the other hand, Scorpios that have no partner will be in their element. They can have whoever and whenever they want in their bed... Your weapons of seduction will be more powerful than normal.



You will find an unexpected amount of money. Such is the conjunction between Uranus, the planet of unpredictable energies, and Jupiter, that of good fortune.

It's your duty not to laugh in the face of luck. What does this mean? Spend that money, you deserve it. This is what the stars want you to see.

However, remember that you have a partner, or friends and family members who will be very happy to share your luck. For once be generous, we know that it's hard for you to let go of what is yours, Scorpio...

In work issues, Scorpios with a job won't complain. Maybe you could improve relations with your colleagues, but in reality you prefer to go your own way.

Those who haven't found a job yet, will soon be working. And they will regret not having as much free time as before! Things of life…


Everything that is contact with the earth, will suit you. If you have the possibility to go to the beach, don't discard it. You don't know why, but the simple touch reassures you...

Sure, you are one of the most psychic signs of the zodiac. Earth and minerals unleash you from negative energies like no one else.

In this sense, using bath salts will cleanse your aura from bad energies. The therapies with mud or any other activity that involves the earth will bring you a calm that you haven't had for a long time.