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Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Scorpio Horoscope for Sunday May 13th

Health, Money and Love Prediction for Today, Sunday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



You focus more on your job; love won't be your priority... Communication is failing with your partner lately. This can lead to a transformation of the relationship. Everything looks as though it's going to be bad, if you don't do your bit.

Or you can take advantage of this critical point so that both of you take a break and put your priorities in order. If you really love each other, you will be united again. More mature and decisive than before.

Try to use well this time of separation, or better, of "reflection from a distance". Not to enjoy singleness because you will continue to consider yourself a couple, but to listen better inside.


You have a good job and you earn well, but perhaps you have too many expectations put in the fact that you want to be in a better position or receive a notification that would bring good news for you.

Get more interested in the process and not so much in the reward. Otherwise, you run the risk of committing some negligence that would definitely separate you from your desired promotion.

There are other people who are also being valued. But everything indicates that it will be you if you follow the advice of the stars.

If you don't have a job, the best thing you can do is show everything you know in the interview. They are looking for someone who may not have a lot of experience but that they are willing to learn and care about their field of knowledge.


Today your health will be weakened, Scorpio. The planets influence negatively on your sign in this area.

You will go to the doctor and it's very likely that you won't like what you have to hear. It won't be serious, but it will surprise you.

But if you follow the recommendations, there is nothing to fear. Stop, focus your attention on you. Going for a walk will help you to clear your doubts and internal anxiety when you feel overwhelmed by your situation. Come on, Scorpio!