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Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday August 1st

Health, Money and Love Prediction for Today, Wednesday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You're so interested in sharing your ideas about the mysteries of life, that you consider your friends an essential to be happy. You hope they know how to follow the rhythm and that they give you their worldview.

So many expectations can be harmful, especially at the beginning of getting to know someone. With time you can demand a little more from people. The other part feels motivated enough to give you the best of you.

That is why you shouldn't rule out potential friends so quickly because they have said a certain phrase or witnessed one of their bad days. Time will tell!

Relax, Scorpio, or you will end up scaring all the people who want to be by your side.


You are really demanding. I wasn't going to be different at work. The place where your personal worth is demonstrated. But there are factors that don't depend on you, and that prevent you from reaching the top.

Whether you have little time in the company, or because you're young! They tend to promote people who transmit greater maturity. And no matter how well you express yourself, you can't compete against gray hair and plastic glasses.

You are doing very well and the stars know it. The advice for you is to relax your attitude, if something has to happen, it will happen...


You will receive a diagnosis that won't make you very happy. It isn't serious, but you will feel in some way that it isn't something to be proud of. Something to keep a secret...

Not everyone is interested in the health problems you may have, but your closest friends and family are. Don't omit anything that is important. That isolates you and makes you live your days with unnecessary pain. Let yourself be loved…

Take advice from the doctor and dedicate these days to your healing. Don't go out too much to the street, if you get tired too fast. Consider asking for a medical leave.