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Love is your element, you couldn't enjoy emotional intensity more! Sharing your life with someone fascinates you.

Others can be scared to see how you turn so much of your energy into making plans together! You speak using the "we" and you have forgotten the "me". Watch out

If you neglect your private life, then before any eventuality in which you have to be apart, you will feel it like a huge blow. Life is like that, it wants us to be balanced people.

The astral advice is that you learn from now to enjoy your time alone, a situation is approaching in which you won't be able to spend as much time together as before. Either because you have schedule changes at work, or one of the two has to make a temporary move.


There is a good chance that fortune will give you gifts that you didn't have in mind to receive at this time. A pay raise, finding money on the street...

If this doesn't happen, you will also have the opportunity to receive "emotional" gifts. Today that friend who you fought with long ago might ring or you may receive the invitation to a great event.

Sometimes we forget that fortune doesn't have much to do with material goods, but with how we feel with what we already have, and if we have significant people nearby to share our happiness with.

At work the day will be stable. You will focus more on the way you do it than on the results of the processes you carry out.

Not having a job in this case won't be a major concern, because you feel socially supported.


There is improvement with respect to your previous situation. You won't have a 100% of energy, it may be accompanied by a bit of fatigue, but you already feel better...

Overcome your doubts to follow the medical indications. Complete the treatment you started, if necessary ask for a loan, it will be granted.

In the health aspect, Scorpio, you always put yourself in the worst, with no need for it. It's better if you follow the steps without thinking so much about it.