Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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You'll become aware of how deteriorated are the relationships with your family, and how little you can do to reverse the circumstances...

As much as it hurts, sometimes there is no other option than to definitely get away from the people who hurt you. Even when it's a close family member.

Nobody in this world has the right to make you feel miserable or guilty, much less by appealing to bloodlines! This type of family contains a complicated karma. Their teaching is one of the hardest: overcome attachment.

When you start to move away from your life those who prevent you from knowing peace, you will acquire a mastery over your destiny that very few people know.

Throughout life, you'll cross barriers that are considered taboo for others, Scorpio. In this case, to get away from family, when it's an inexhaustible source of suffering.


You'll have an excellent moment to progress at work, but only if you decide to act fast. You should make the most of the advantage you have over the rest.

The stars are explicit: good luck will last only today. Tomorrow a road may be closed forever. If you are invited to an event related to your work, try to go by all means, even if you can't be bothered.

If you don't feel like going to that job interview that seems so unappetizing, make the effort! It will turn out to be more interesting than it seemed at first. Tomorrow the position will be covered if you don't go...



You must be doing something very well, because today you will feel calmer than usual. Gone are the fears, to make way for a deep calm.

In the event that you undergo surgery, that "abnormal" calm you feel is because the stars accompany you. It's also very likely that a loved one sends you all their positive energy.