Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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Lately your partner is uneasy. What they used to like, they don't anymore. That doesn't mean you bore them, it's just that relationships at some point, simply mutate.

You will face the changes with total naturalness. In part, this is because you open your mind little by little. That person is, basically, quite unconventional...

It has helped you a lot to understand life in a deeper way. If you look back, you discover that today you are a completely different person.

Don't be afraid that the relationship evolves; it will be beneficial for both of you. Even if you change again and again, you love each other! And you have the quality of reinventing yourselves together, something quite difficult to find in common relationships.


Your colleagues can look at you "weirdly". Maybe your methods aren't the most orthodox ones, but of course, they are effective! And if your bosses have no complaints, you shouldn't consider anyone else's opinion, Scorpio.

This is how excellence is achieved. Follow your own path. It's quite appropriate that you increasingly assume higher liability shares. This will help you enormously to progress in the company.

If you are looking for a job, your personal project can be your new source of income. Work hard at it seriously. What started as a hobby may well be what gives you money soon.



At the end of the day you will be overwhelmed by a feeling of exhaustion. And you think it's strange? You have worked very hard! It's your willpower, sometimes too big for your body, Scorpio.

Go to bed soon. As much as you love staying awake until late at night. Otherwise, tomorrow will be a day when you can't perform as you would like.

A drink with Aloe, before sleeping, will close your day in a healthy way, cleaning your stomach. You can even combine it with coconut or orange.