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Magic Horoscope Reveals How This Coming Wednesday Is Going to Be for Scorpio

Your Full Horoscope for Today, Wednesday 28th March
Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You see couples on the street holding hands and kissing on the benches wherever you go. They look like a plague, they are everywhere! And you so immune to Cupid's arrows right now...

In the first place, it's important that you know that not everything that glitters is gold. Most of the time, people decide to have a partner to fill an existential space.

Dedicating time to a person is the best way to not dedicate it to yourself. They decide to flee, but you don't...

Hence the importance of loneliness. It's a useful period to discover yourself more. Today you will feel tremendously fortunate to be who you are. You love yourself!

With this attitude, a person will soon appear who will give you a lot and who won't drain your energy because you will also have goals to accomplish.

Having a partner, you will go through a difficult moment where you will ask existential questions, arriving at the conclusion that maybe it's time to rethink your sentimental situation.

Unfortunately, your current partner stands in your way as an individual.


When you can't follow a procedure, you go into shock. Today they will tell you to do something for which you have no precedent.

The astral advice for today is that you don't get obsessed with the steps. Use your imagination, which is latent.

All signs of water have by nature access to the world of fantasy. Trust your quality and leave a place for improvisation.

Another problem will be time management. Since you don't have an outline, it takes more time than usual to generate ideas.

If you see that you are stuck in one task, change to another one. This will clear your mind and make you better in your performance, then go back to it.

You have an excellent intuitive ability. Don't forget, Scorpio and flow, as a sign of water that you are. If you are unemployed, try to create your own job by offering a service based on what you already know how to do.


The best thing about being single is being able to control your diet, there is no one who will lead you astray...

Although if you have a partner, you will encourage them to start a diet together. It's the only way you can lower those extra kilos. This objective is quite feasible if you decide to do it together.

Colds and flu will disappear soon, if you have them.