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Horoscope for Those Born Under the Scorpio Sign for Saturday 31st March by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Saturday
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Screaming, endless fights... This is the scenario for Scorpios. This Saturday will be complicated due to the evil vibration of Pluto in water signs.

In the case of dealing with the day to day of the couple, Pluto will want to go further. The stars promote this fight as an ultimatum. As much as you later enjoy reconciliations in bed, this is no way to live.

Tension won't subside, unless you do your bit. Sometimes the only solution is breaking up. As painful as you find it. You deserve someone who you live in harmony with.

Anyone you meet throughout today will bring you problems. Especially if it's another Scorpio! Watch out if you're single...


It's hard for you to digest the end of a cycle. A long time without finding a job has made you get the worst out of you. You can miss partying, or lying around the house doing nothing. Bad vibes have taken over...

Raise your head, Scorpio! These times of assimilation are necessary. However, you are prolonging them more than necessary.

You will have to start from scratch. This is because you lost everything you had built. It doesn't matter, look for some help, inform yourself... start over! Scorpio always resurges from their ashes like the phoenix.

When we can't change the circumstances of the environment, the only alternative is to change to another one. But move, because time goes by.



Germs will cause you a problem. Try to wash your hands every time you get food.

You should watch where you put your hands after having been in contact with dirty surfaces. Bacteria are in your skin.

Similarly, check the expiration date of your food, and if you go to the gym, put on some flip-flops in the shower.


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