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The Friday January 19th Scorpio Horoscope

La predicción de los astros para Escorpio
Scorpio daily horoscope |



If you are mistrustful of other people, let them know. On the contrary, you should give a chance to people and let them show if you can rely on them or not. It is not easy for people to get to you. Let them try. 

You are obsessed with the idea that there is a ruse against you and that is why you keep on trying to put all the puzzle pieces together and try to discover what it is. You should not consider yourself such an important person for the others if you do not want to commit yourself. Stop being obsessed with it. 



You place a lot of emphasis on getting what you desire. You are incapable of thinking clearly and following the right way because you see ghosts where there is nothing to see. Try to clear your mind from negative thoughts and spirits. 

Currently it is not a good moment to invest money. Do not take shares from other companies and do not, under any circumstance, set up the business you are thinking of: it will only give you headaches. 

Make a good analysis of advantages and disadvantages rather than letting yourself be led by impatience. Stop for a while and think twice. You will be noticed when the moment arrives. 



There is no way you can get rid of this little pain you are feeling, and it will always be with you. Do not exaggerate if you have a temperature and do not share your unnecessary worries with other people. They may make fun out of you. 

If you could go through that health problem in the past, you should know that there is nothing which can stop you. You are strong and a mild fever will not drive you to hospital! However, it is not a nonsense that you get scared of minimum signs after you have gone through important health problems. 


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