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Full Scorpio Magical Horoscope for Saturday, 10 February

Full Forecast for Today, Saturday
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Sometimes you confuse physical attraction with compatibility. The attraction can disappear as easily as it arose, leaving both you and the other person wondering: "What happened?"

An approach from an independent position would be ideal, and enough patience to let things happen naturally, it could be a true friendship.

No matter what else is happening, better quality intimate relationships occur in this kind of atmosphere. Avoid nourishing sentimentality excess and an irresponsible behavior.

Cultivate also relationships that are not based on other types of more intimate manifestations, because these tend to last for a lifetime, while the others are at the expense of sex.

This should be a permanent reminder for you: Scorpio, you can burn yourself by using too much of your personal energy in love.


Your desire for success is distorting the path to your goals and creating arrogant behaviors. Focus on restoring balance, deflating your ego and your aspirations, which will make you put your feet back on the ground.

Why are you so stubborn? Having an open attitude, with a yes to the twists and turns of life, attracts your luck.

When you give up expectations, you are able to be more flexible and to be transformed. And so, in this state of inspiration, creativity comes to you.

A father figure will be there to support you emotionally and financially, so you can relax a bit.


It's a good day to do nothing. Renew yourself, keep your composure and generosity, stop trying to cover everything.

If you go out tonight, don't drink much alcohol and don't smoke a lot, it would be counter-productive to interrupt the regeneration streak. It's as if you switched a program on the computer off when it's half loaded, the process would be incomplete and the waiting would have been useless.

You're lucky that the moon makes you recharge your batteries naturally and almost without doing anything. The other signs of the zodiac do not count on this advantage.