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The Thursday January 18th Scorpio Horoscope

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You wake up with a huge dose of energy and you are willing to go ahead never mind what you find on your way. You feel determined to make things happen the way you want and you will not let them happen in a different way. 

To do so, the best strategy to follow is not to let your pair speak up. Your hyperactivity may make you improvise a little present for the other person, such as a romantic dinner at home or not letting them get out of bed. 

Following this strategy, Scorpios who are single will be grateful to enjoy being single to do what they like without giving any explanations to anybody. 



You normally have your weekend plans done by thursday. You do not like improvising things and, in order not to find yourself involved in one, you prefer to implicate yourself in whatever you know you can schedule. 

During the day, you must get ready for the surprise party which is to come, so your must for today is to succeed with your labour obligations and finish before anyone else. Focus on every step and on what you are doing every moment if you do not want to end up mad. 



Anything can be harmful in excess. Spending plies of hours on the sofa to rest and avoid the problems may be a good remedy, but it may also become a disease, especially if we accept it as a routine. 

In this way, the spare drinks make you lose your shiness and feel much better, you begin to believe that if you do not drink anything there is no party, and you cannot have a good time either. 

You must be aware of this circumstance. Although this is not a big problem today, you do not know how it can evolve and where it can reach in time. 


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