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Scorpio Magical Horoscope for 6th February

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You're going through a very good moment emotionally. You feel satisfied with the bond you have been able to create with your partner. You will find yourself in a day full of introspection, in which you will remember all the moments you've shared with your partner. Happy moments, but also sad ones... Keep telling the person you love how you feel about this. They will be very happy to discover that you occupy your deepest thoughts with the relationship you share because they appreciate your emotional intensity. 

If you are single, you will want to call someone who you were happy with in the past.


You have learnt to maintain a certain monetary equilibrium that allows you to live comfortably. Could you be bored of such stability? As a good Scorpio, you enjoy having your own place in the world, but because of your passionate nature, you are also afraid of living in a passive and conformist way. Once you reach this thought, there's no way back! It's important for you to investigate about your curiosities, those which you probably put aside because you thought they were too crazy. That is where the challenge lies and your true life satisfaction, beyond the monetary implications.


You have gone back to your attempts of eliminating once and for all that bad habit that is harmful for your health. Don't worry, to err is human! The important thing is that you keep trying, because only the one who gives up fails. Don't punish yourself if you can't do it, and treat yourself with love... Patience and day-to-day awareness of the actions are the key. However, if you don't feel strong enough, you should consider looking for a specialist that can help you whenever you need.

Do some exercise to evade negative emotions and to unleash your enormous energy flow.