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The Wednesday January 17th Scorpio Horoscope

The stars predictions for Scorpio
The predictions for Scorpio according to the stars | 


The stars position will give a dose of adventure and thrill to your living life. Someone is still stuck in the relationship which ended and today will see how, thanks to the pass of time, feel more capable of moving on

Meanwhile, those who do not have a couple will go through an accidental meeting with a person who calls their attention. Scorpios who have a couple will face all the changes their relationship has experienced and will feel more comfortable next to that person. 


You will see as a personal conflict is solved in an easy way. Between your skills, the one which highlights is your capability of staying calm and putting ideas together to everyone. Both of them will shine during the day and you will make bad feeling fly away. 

You will be so satisfied with what you have achieved  that you will have an extra motivation to carry on in your job position. It is possible that you even take into account the possibility of starting new tasks as a syndical agent or being intermediary between your bosses and companions. 

The fact that others appreciate our skills is always good news. 



You will sense dizziness which may have to do with cervical problems. You will feel stress in your nape when you get off bed and maybe, during the day, you will suffer from headaches and nauseas. 

Although everything shows that dizziness may come from stressful days, you will discover that the problem has a different origin. Exercising your vertebras or having a massage done will help you decrease the pain. 

In any case, avoid taking some tablets without medical prescription as if may cause dangerous consequences. 


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