Scorpio MONTHLY Horoscope

23 Oct - 21 Nov

Scorpio monthly: Your horoscope for March 2020

Scorpio Horoscope March
Your Scorpio Horoscope for March | Magic Horoscope

Love: New ways of expressing your feelings

Scorpio, although people from your sign have a tendency to be very private when it comes to your feelings, this month you’ll be willing to communicate more, to express your feelings in a positive way with the aim of setting new common goals with your partner or perhaps you’re starting a relationship and you need to strengthen the bond.

You’re starting down a new path which pushes you to acknowledge the importance of improving your communication skills. Choosing every word is important and you’ve experienced yourself the consequences of careless or inaccurate expression.

Those who live with their family, will see your rapport with your parents or elderly relatives. You might be going through difficult moments. Certain limitations or conflicts will give a darker tone to your home life. Reunions might end up with arguments or conflicts related to your siblings.

The challenge for Scorpios will be to remain sensitive to the influences of the environment without falling into the trap of negative or impulsive reactions which will spark an argument.

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Money: Opportunities

It’s an excellent time of the year to expedite and close all matters linked to paperwork, contracts, but you’ll have to make all the preparations necessary during the first fifteen days of the month, to then finish all the details and close negotiations during the second half of the month. But make sure you go over and ponder or all potential delays that could cause problems for you.

You need to be very alert as you’ll have great opportunities which should be considered.

Those who are looking for a job are likely to find obstacles in fulfilling their needs. But you’ll be able to achieve fulfilment on a professional or material level if you open up to other ways of making a living.

Through acquaintances or through your partner you might be invited to get involved in activities which, although they might not seem very profitable, will bring you great satisfaction.

Use the power of Mars together with Pluto to take a leap and manifest all your power. This astrological union shows your inner strength to face any challenge that might arise.

Health: Positive transformations

Your health won’t cause too many problems this month, however, it’s a good time to do annual checks. Don’t miss this cosmic opportunity to look after your health.

You're a great transformer and if you have any ailments, you’ll overcome them thanks to your potential.