November Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: Maximum splendor in your relationships!

This is the month when Scorpios will shine in its maximum splendor. The Sun enters this sign, and that means you will feel better than ever, and in love matters, your days will be full of intensity...

Your appeal will be red hot. It won't have to do with your physical appearance; it's a sex-appeal that comes out of your pores. Wait for those moments in which intimacy will be satisfying, Scorpio. 

Scorpios without a partner will leave mental blocks aside. If you are seeing someone, go for it, because the adventure will be worth it, independently of its duration. 

Money: Unimportant economic setbacks

You'll go through some financial setbacks as November begins. However, they will be very short, and you'll know how to overcome them easily, so breathe calmly, Scorpio.

Control your explosive mood at work, or on the contrary, your professional situation will worsen. You have a great personality, but sometimes your temper and fieriness get out of hand. 

Take your colleagues into account, and they will help you,  instead of preventing your advances. It's that easy!

As the month goes by, you'll find the inspiration you had been looking for. You will soar so your economy will give a strong upward boost. Magnificent, Scorpio!

Health: Express your feelings

You'll check the annoyances you have had for long. With specific questions, your steps will take you to the doctor's to end that unnecessary suffering. 

It seems that issues will be addressed with unexplained dizziness or dental problems.

The Sun in your sign throughout the month encourages you to express yourself, and you try to alleviate tensions through creative activities. The quality of the results is not essential. Let it go, Scorpio!