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Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction for October

Your Horoscope for October 2018
October horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: A month full of emotional intensity

Emotions will be boiling within you. Relax your attitude, to give them a way out one by one and thus avoid being tense next to that person you love so much. They don't deserve your explosive attacks.

You'll have some doubts about your relationship during the month. You might think that there's another person you could fall in love with, but the truth is that it's only physical attraction, together with some affection. 

It's normal to feel attracted at some point to some friend,  but don't go crazy, Scorpio. You won't even be corresponded!

You'll go on some trips with your partner or your best friends. Some relatives or friends might come and visit you at home. Uranus influences are confusing in this regard.

Single Scorpios won't go through a good moment because they don't like being alone, and they'll feel the loneliness especially during their free time. The Magic Horoscope points out the possibility of finding someone compatible at work. 

Money: Good income and correct decisions

This month there will be good income and excellent investments. Extra money during the month will top off the economic good luck. It seems that the fairies of abundance are on your side.

The counterpart of such a good fortune is greed and always wanting more and more. Watch that, or your heart runs the risk of being corrupted.

You'll be able to deal with a routine job by recognizing all the advantages that job brings you and not another type of employment.

And if you're unemployed, you'll learn the importance of moderating expectations. You already have more than many others would like if you think about it...

Health: Look after your stomach

The best thing is not to get original in health matters and go for what has always worked. The grandma's remedies? The best!

So, with this stomach problem, it is better not to take purging or laxative remedies. Instead, take some fruit salts.

What you should watch out for is your tendency to somatize the painful emotions in the body. This is what makes diseases appear that are difficult to explain. Take out everything that burns inside you through words!

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