SeptemberHoroscope | Joan marc


Love: An old love will reappear

The first days of September will be quiet, but don't be fooled! It will be the calm that precedes the thunder...

The fault that you have your hormones stirred up as September goes by will come with old relationships that ended up in nothing and now try to resume or earn a place in your heart.

This can be counterproductive if you already have a partner. But instead of getting nervous, enjoy the feelings you provoke in other people and be clear with what you want and with what you don't, Scorpio.

Towards the end of the month, two things can happen, that person might lose their interest, or they might disrupt your life! Whatever it is, it will make you reconsider aspects of your sentimental life that you didn't even take any notice of before.

Money: Big efforts but excellent rewards

A lot of dedication and determination wait for you from now on. You will give the best of you because you'll focus on specific objectives that make you evolve and be a better person every day. 

It's a good month for Scorpios' finances. This sign perfectly connects with the energy from the sun of Virgo at the beginning of the month. The ways of saving will help you achieve all your objectives. It doesn't matter if they call you a mean person!

The most probable thing is that everything ends up in working vacations that will be like a dream for you. Because all effort is a trade-off. If they fire you this month, it will be good for you so you can carry out other projects. You'll feel they've made you a favor because the scorpion doesn't miss an opportunity to get the positive side of everything out. 

Health: Exercise that take you out of routine!

Running on the beach will be a stimulating activity that will keep you healthy and will relax your mind (a lot more than running in the park). Listening to the sound of the sea while you jog is comforting. Although, after all, what counts is that you enjoy the experience from a new perspective. If you don't have the sea near, try running with nature sounds audios. 

You must wrap up yourself warm and you must be ready for temperature changes. You can tend to sweat a lot and that makes you think that it isn't that cold. And then you catch a cold, Scorpio...