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Full Scorpio Magical Horoscope Forecast for Monday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 5th February
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Surprisingly enough, a cold relationship that you thought was dead is starting to warm up again. You'll gain the ground you thought you'd lost. There's no time to ask why: show that person what you really feel about them. Don't let pride be the one that ruins this second chance you've been given, it would be a terrible mistake you would regret long-term. Overcome your tendency to be secretive so that positive emotions flourish between you.

For Scorpio with a steady partner, it would be good to stay in a receptive emotional state. The person who loves you is going to give you a surprise that will be especially thrilling for you.


The unexpected will become reality, today a disconcerting economic event may occur, but if you remain calm, you will see that at the end of the day, instead of losing money as everything suggested, you will have gone better than expected. Do everything when it has to be done. Don't exasperate trying to in a day what takes a month to do.

Don't forget to share your good luck with the others, doing something special for the ones you most care about. You'll silence all those who go round there saying that you are mean and selfish.


With constant dedication, you will be able to overcome any bad health habit that may be bothering you. Happily, you have all the discipline and constancy of your sign on your part. When you put your will to work, you get everything you set out to do.

Doing some exercise is as important as a healthy diet. That's why you should check your diet thoroughly and improve things in it that would be better for you.