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That person that seems so calm is burning inside! They are rather reserved, but your suspicions couldn't be more real. It's someone who is pure dynamite in bed...

And they are interested in you, but they will do whatever so you don't notice it. There are no clear reasons. They might not want it to be too easy for you.

They also know something about you: that you like playing the game of seduction. The sky points out that your crush is very intelligent. It looks like you have a good eye for love. 

This has to go slowly, so don't come ahead of time. Now that you know what their strategy is, you must also play and complicate them things a bit, Scorpio.


As an employee, you are a quite active person that worries about the good terms of things. And you have a creative mind that will be especially useful today. The solution can be easier than what you thought at first. 

Don't let the gossip and typical conversations of those who don't want to work drain your effort and dedication. Be willing to help, but why waste time with those who are not willing to work as you?

If you are lucky to have the day off, go to that conference on your professional field, because you'll get some more than interesting contacts and from here you might be able to start a project you have wanted to start for ages. 


Do you submit to high levels of noise without even noticing? There may be machinery in your work environment that always pierces your ears. Be very careful with this.

As a consequence, you don't just suffer a gradual loss in the quality of your hearing; the psychological effects are also noticeable. 

For example, the stress level increases and this prevents you from developing regular brain activity. And with this, the loss of concentration, sleeping problems, and ease to suffer from depression appear.

Protect your ears! Use earphones or earplugs if necessary.